1. Some casual clothing I painted for Needs&Wants Studios !

    (Source: monicatramos)

  2. Men are from Mars

    A piece I did for Life on Mars, a group show at Grumpy Bert. After deciding against just painting David Bowie from his music video of the same name, I thought would be really funny to paint a planet of men all beating themselves up.

  3. This is the invitation to a going away/welcome to the studio party we had at Room 415 last April. I wrote it out and Emmy sent me drawings. ✌

  4. Some photos of my work along side Hedof's show “The Build Up” at Art Rebels Gallery in Copenhagen. Many thanks to Jeroen Smeets for putting it all together! Wish I could have been there!

  5. This show was about feeling overwhelmed, lost and troubled. I often paint idealized places and situations to cheer myself up when things seems to be falling apart. This was an experiment in showing my vulnerabilities and laughing at them. You can see everything here.

  10. Work from my show “Sometimes I want to fall off the face of the Earth”

    (Source: monicatramos)

  11.  [ animation by Christina Lu ! ]

    (Source: monicatramos)

  12. Sometimes Shop: A Summer Pop-up

    Work by Kaye Blegvad, Leah Goren, Masuko Jo, Rachel Levit, Monica Ramos and Gina Rockenwagner


    Here are some more photos of the shop that Kaye took! Take a look at #sometimesshop on instagram for more photos too (I know using hashtags is usually just ridiculous, BUT when people actually used ours I was v excited). I’m so proud of my friends and thankful that people came by!

    [My alpacas are sold out but am working on more now. They will be available online by the second week of July!]

  13. Here are some photos I took during a lull at Sometimes ShopJune 8, Saturday afternoon. 

    (Source: monicatramos)

  15. Sometimes Shop opened yesterday! I had so much fun at the party. Thank you to everyone who came out. We’ll be here all weekend!
    [photo by Leah]