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  2. Hey, I’m on radar! Cool! Thanks, Tumblr. 

  3. "Diving Girl" Monica Ramos
    Nadav Weisman
    Monica Ramos and Mina Hamada
    Jordy van den Nieuwendijk

    JUST SWIM - Gallery Opening

    Artwork by: Jordy van den Nieuwendijk (NL), Monica Ramos (USA/PH), Mina Hamada (JP) and Nadav Weisman (ISR)

    Photos by: Martin Falt

  4. [ river / lake / spring ] paintings from the group show Just Swim ! 
    available for purchase: info@artrebels.com

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  5. kisaburoomiya asked: philippine lady


  6. luckypeach:

    Today is the LAST day to subscribe and receive our All You Can Eat issue (sneak peek above) before it hits newsstands. Do it now! 

    Illustration by Monica Ramos

  7. [ swell / sea / surf ] paintings from the group show Just Swim !

    (Source: monicatramos)


  8. I do get it though, most people on here are teenz that probably don’t know any better. Just had to get to off my chest! Thanks for griping with me, guys. AND what’s and “indie” blog anyways!?!?!? Just staaaap or I’ll join Yazmin in the dark side.


  9. You know what I love? When people take off your caption and don’t even add your name. Just saying that that really makes my day. I’m just putting out new content for you for free, that’s all. It really doesn’t matter that someone in the world made that drawing or photo or whatever. It’s on the internet and it’s yours now!!!!! Even better when you promote your own blog on it. Looooove that. Great indie hipster mysterious-emoticon blog you got there. Great job!!!!!!!!!! ASSHOLE.

  10. Just Swim is opening in Copenhagen this Friday! Here’s a preview (close ups) of some of my paintings for the show. Hope you can drop by!

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  11. I’m feel really honored and lucky to have these images selected for American Illustration 33 ! Thank you !

    1 Portlandia Activity Book, AD Sunra Thompson
     Needs and Wants, AD Sean Brown
     Warm Water, personal

  12. Very excited about this new group show in Copenhagen!

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  13. why

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  14. My full illustration for this fun thing with Coach ! 

  15. Here a collaboration I did with Coach ! To me, NYC style is all about what’s on the streets: people doing their thing, busy chasing their dreams… and working it !!! BABES EVERYWHERE. 

    The whole project is called Metropolitan Art and will be up on their front page for a few weeks! Check it out for some cool stuff by Ping Zhu, Meg Hunt and more!