1. 2222 Giveaway !

    2 Posters 2 Drawings 2 Prints 2 Pins

    Well everyone, to say thank you for checking out my work here on tumblr, you get to see this terrible gif of me and I will give away some free stuff. These are all the prints I have on hand and everything (except the pins) is available here.

    To enter you must:

    1. Please be following me.
    2. Reblog this post OR like and submit dancing gifs to my internet party.
    3. Dance IRL for one minute (I will know).
    4. Also, remember to brush your teeth.
    5. Have your ask box open or email on your page.

    8 Winners will be drawn randomly and announced on March 13, 2013.


    … !!! And the winners are:

    1. fvtindisguise 

    2. elinadontcare 

    3. ninasaurio 

    4. abbieisagiantsquid 

    5. kaloscopeia

    6. cactus-flours

    7. candylions 

    8. tallulahfontaine

    I’ll be contacting you right now!


    Thanks to everyone who reblogged/submitted!

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    Monica Tramos is a great artist. Just look at these gifs.
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    Go forth …
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    (sorry but as a fan with no credit card i need this)
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    Beautiful work. Everything she does I love. Would love this.